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  • Education: Education is free at VGS.

  • Books & Bags: The children are provided free school bags and books. Other essentials such as note-books, drawing books, stationary items such as pencils, coloured pencils and crayons are also provided.
  • Conveyance: VGS provides subsidised transport to all the students.
  • Food Supplement: The school provides food supplements in the form of milk, fruits and other nutritious snacks.
  • Medical Facilities: All the students undergo a medical check-up annually. Any medical assistance\medicines prescribed, are also provided to the children.
  • Uniform: The students are given uniforms, shoes, socks and sweaters free of cost.
  • Vocational Training: All the students are encouraged to take part in vocational training. At present courses are conducted for beautician, stitching and cooking.
  • Yoga and Moral Education: The school children practice Yoga regularly. They are also given lessons in moral science.