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Education is the only long-term solution to poverty in our world. Time and time again, experts say that educating children, especially girls, is the key to better health and ending the global ‘cycle of poverty.’ "Evidence is Power"
…to educate a girl is to educate a family.


2013 Goals
• Take the 2012 batch of 30 girls into the next grade: $ 6000
• New Batch of 40 girls: $ 8000
• Vocational Training: $3000
• Classroom and lab: $3000


In 2012, you supported Vimukti’s Double the Intake campaign and enabled Vimukti to assist 30 additional young girls in July.By bringing the gift of education to the Vimukti Girls, you reached out to some of the poorest in Indian society. The reported family income is less than 2 dollar a day. In these slums, there are no dreams, only survival…
Of course, there are millions still waiting


Your funds also enabled Vimukti to enhance the vocational training program, offered to girls above 14 to allow them to earn while they learn. The program now covers cooking, sewing, beautician and computer skills.


Unlike previous years when volunteers ran these programs, they are now delivered by professionals recruited for the purpose, thanks to your funds.The VGS Board is now seriously considering the possibility to start a 2nd Vimukti School at a new location where many new slums have come up in the last five years. The need is immense! Thanks so much for being there for these girls. They surely appreciate it!


Phir Ek Sham Vimukti ke Naam
You made a difference in 2012. Let’s join hands once again to launch the program for 2013!
When:May 10th 2013 – 8pm
Where:The Seth’s Residence 10105 New London Drive, Potomac MD 20854
What:Musical Night with friends and supporters of Vimukti
Performances by: Debu on Tabla, Sanjay Pradhan & additional Local talent


Special Thanks to MDRT Foundation for its generous grant in 2013.The MDRT Foundation’s grant programs provide hope and opportunity for countless children, individuals and families in need throughout the United States and worldwide. Life-changing grants fund charitable programs that serve at-risk youth, the homeless, people with disabilities and the elderly. More Than $28 Million In Grants To Charitable Organizations Worldwide awarded to date.


In 2013 MDRT awards…
V I MUK T I S A N S T H A of Jaipur, India - that provides free educational programs for girls living in low-income areas of Jaipur in northeastern India. MDRT Member Sponsor: Vijay K. Khetarpal, ChFC, CFP


These girls at Vimukti Girls School (VGS) are getting an education which could transform their lives.Otherwise, they would most likely be doing chores at home, looking after younger siblings or working as maids, while their male siblings would have been sent to school.VGS works with poor families making less than $100 per month. VGS offers free education, customized to the rather unique background of these girls. Currently 300 girls are now enrolled in grades 1 to 8.


VGS provides transportation, uniforms, books, a meal as well as essential medical care to ensure active participation. It offers vocational training to the older girls to enable them to learn while they earn.


VGS keeps costs low by sharing at no cost the facilities of a for-profit school in the afternoon, when the latter is out. VGS aims for an all round development of its girls through sports, cultural events and educational field trips.


Teachers are at the heart of VGS success. Its carefully selected faculty works intensively with a low student to teacher ratio of 18:1. Teachers demonstrate a strong empathy for Vimukti girls: some teachers come from slums, others have taught there, and some have adopted VGS girls. As VGS moves to higher grades, new teachers have on average of 4 years of post BA training compared to 1 earlier.


VGS girls are regularly graded and 70% of girls have shown a steady level of achievement through grades 1-7. With the increasing demands at home as they grow older, 20% of girls exhibit a decline in academic achievement. For this group, vocational training options have been added to the curriculum. The top 10% of the class shows improving academic performance, and the first cohort of VGS girls to take the Senior School certificate of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education will be in 2015.VGS has no non-Education Program Costs. Analysis of audited accounts for 2008 to 2010 shows that about 97% of expenditures are directly focused on the delivery of the education and development program. Annual cost per student is about INR 10,000 ($200).
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