Our Philosophy || Vimukti Sanstha

10 Mantras of Vimukti

1. Free Education: Includes tuition, books, and uniforms.


2. Short School Days and Long School Year: 278 school days as opposed to a norm of 200, enabling girls to study as well as fulfill responsibilities at home.


3. Safe Campus and Transportation: Largely all-female campus, with safe and time-saving transportation by school buses.

4. Nutrition, Health, and Hygiene: Includes daily nutritious snacks in school, annual health check-ups, and feminine hygiene products.


5. English Curriculum: Increased language proficiency for better performance in School Board exams, and competitive advantage for better-paying jobs.


6. Quality Education: Low teacher-student ratio, smart class technology, digital learning through personal tablets and self e-learning platform, regular teacher training, school library, and extracurricular activities.

7. Strong Performance Incentives: Annual studentships linked to performance, deposited into accounts to be cashed upon completion of High School. Merit-based awards for Science, Maths and English.

8. Science and Technology Science Stream has been introduced to the High School curriculum starting in 2022-23 for those aspiring towards professional careers in these fields.

9. College Scholarships and Career Development: For acquiring vocational and professonal skills and/or college degrees, and job placements.

10. Community Outreach: To foster family support for girls’ careers and to delay marriage.


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