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1. Free Education:Includes tuition, books, and uniforms. 2. Short School Days and Long School Year:278 school days as opposed to a norm of 200, enabling girls to study as well as fulfill responsibilities at home. 3. Safe Campus and Transportation:Largely all-female campus, with safe and time saving transportation by school buses. 4. Nutrition, Health and Hygiene:Includes daily nutritious snack in school, annual health check-up and feminine hygiene products. 5. English Curriculum:Increased language proficiency for better performance on School Board exams, and competitive advantage for better paying jobs. 6. Quality Education:Low teacher-student ratio, smart class technology, digital learning through personal tablets, regular teacher training, school library, and extracurricular activities. 7. Performance Incentives:Annual studentships linked to performance, deposited into accounts to be cashed upon completion of High School. Merit based awards for Science, Maths, English and Information Technology. 8. Science and Technology Streamswill be added to the High School curriculum starting in 2020-21 for those aspiring towards professional careers in these fields. 9. Vocational and College Scholarships and Career Counseling:For acquiring vocational skills and/or college degrees, and job placements. 10. Community Outreach:To foster family support for the girls’ careers and to delay marriage.

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